Core Operation

We are a software development company focusing on custom made software and database systems. If you are looking to get the highest efficiency out of your business operation, we are committed to understanding the building blocks of your business and can provide you with a software driven process, assuring a speedy return. We bring together in our products various business operations such as employees, customers, suppliers, products, services, orders, jobs, scheduling, invoices, accounting, payroll, projects, communication logs, documents, user permissions and advance reports. We also migrate your legacy data into the new system as well as integrate your system, if needed, with any third party software e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, MYOB, Attaché and so on. If you have an innovative software idea, IT Magnet is your right choice.

Stable and Reliable

IT Magnet has been developing custom software for over a decade. From its earliest days, IT Magnet’s directors believed that reputation would be the key to success. Yes, it has developed software for many corporations, such as Qantas, Nestlé and Telstra, as well as various government agencies, but the focus has always been on the satisfaction and retention of its customers. As such, the company has managed retain, and to provide ongoing services and upgrades, to 9 out of 10 of its clients.


Although some of our clients provide us with pages of software specifications, most of our clients seem to have a basic understanding of their requirements. Often they have several Excel files to manage their operation and eventually grow out of these limitations. We appreciate that such a scenario is normal, as we don’t expect all our clients to have much knowledge of how to drive software requirements. Our approach is to send in a dedicated business analyst – often a team of experts – to consult with stakeholders and potential system users, analyse your business requirements, and put together a scope document. On your approval of the scope document, we do further analysis, have internal meetings involving experts in different areas, and put together a detailed software specification document. The directors of IT Magnet believe that rushing or cutting corners in this analysis and comprehension process is the most common reason for any undesirable outcome down the track. We make further attempts to avoid undesirable gaps and misunderstandings, by providing a progressive delivery of your software. This allows you to provide us feedback on the state of the software as it is being developed.

Rapid and Cost Effective Solution

Developing custom software from scratch is our core operation. However, from over a decade of experience, we have developed dozens of reusable tools, components and functions (collectively referred to as our ‘Framework’), which allows us to deliver your product swiftly, and at an affordable price. IT Magnet is one of the few companies that have managed to put together such a Framework after a sizeable amount of investment over the years. Additionally, over the years we have also developed several pieces of off-the-shelf package software. The benefit of our Framework and package software is that when our consultants get a good understanding of your software requirements, they first check to see whether any of our products is a close fit to what you need, or if the development can be based on our Framework. If so, after some customisation, demonstration, and your approval, we deliver the system to you at an affordable price. If your system requires development from scratch, the process will still be rapid and cost effective, as we are still able to utilise our knowledge, experience and many reusable components we have developed. Approximately, 1 in 3 of our clients require ground-up development and they have been highly satisfied.


We understand your language. Being a custom software development company, we deal with a diverse array of systems in diverse industries. Therefore, we must be up to date with new technologies, as we need to deliver the best possible solution utilising the best technologies available, benefiting both our clients and ourselves. Unless our clients have specific a choice of technologies, our team of consultants and software developers will offer you the most practical and sustainable technological solution. We are the leading Microsoft .Net developers using Microsoft SQL database, but we have delivered many systems involving Java programming, Oracle database and Microsoft Access database. We use the best components, and are flexible – we work with Web Service, Windows Service, XML, SOA, WCF, WPF, Ajax, HTML, XHTML, XAML, CSS, Java Script, Flash, Android, iPhone, iPad, and so on.

Quality Assurance

As with any product in any industry, a software system must be of top quality for it to be user-friendly, durable and scalable. We undertake many measures to ensure top quality, for example:

We put significant effort into developing software specification documents containing pictures, diagrams, and mock-ups to ensure ease of use from a customer’s point of view.
Our in-house developed Framework, on which we often base our development, has gone through many years of maturity and quality assurance processes, easing the pressure on you to know your way around efficient, quality technologies.
Over the past 12 years we have developed and matured a large checklist of Quality Assurance and ideal practices. The checklist is sourced from our internal knowledge and expertise, as well as many recommendations and guidelines from Microsoft, Gartner, ITIL, ISO and IEEE.
We provide progressive delivery of your software for you to check and give us feedback, to ensure everything is being built according to your expectations. Furthermore, an online issue-management software is provided to you to report and track any issues and quality compromises you find with the software system.
Government has checked the quality of our company and our work, and we have been given accreditation.
Every system delivery and its quality is backed by our professional indemnity insurance.
Every system delivery and its quality is backed by our service and support warranty.
The Team

Our team consists of personnel from diverse skills backgrounds, such as customer liaison, business analysis, technology direction, project management, software development, quality control, software testing, and post-deployment support. Due to fair and friendly workplace practices, we have a very low staff turnover allowing us to give you a dedicated consultant and a stable project team. Once every six months our employees go through a skill upgrade assessment and training process. Our developers are, at least, university graduates and many have certifications from major vendors such as Microsoft.

Think Tank

Our success would have been impossible had we not formed a Think Tank – a team of senior business analysts, senior software developers and often guest customers. At least once a week the team meets and discusses emerging technologies. They are also briefed on every new project and changing situations on every active project, so they can look across the board, analyse implications, and advise on possible solutions. The Think Tank is also responsible for process improvement and quality assurance practices at IT Magnet.