End to End Solution for Event Management
Success Stories
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Qantas - Large employee base, complex staff-skills requirements, tailored training, recurrent events and graphic scheduler more...
Australian Government – Private Health Insurance Ombudsman managing all events of complaints and resolutions more...
National Australia Bank - Australia’s leading volunteering events involving over 10,000 employees and 400 organisations more...
Avant Insurance - Nationwide events, 50000 members, yearly budget for events, separate pools and ROI analysis more...
NSW Government - Namoi CMA uses event database to track all aspects of community engagement and education more...
Blacket Hotel - From promotional activities to client management, attendees, venue booking, catering, staff management and runsheet more...
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Event Management System

Event Magnet is a fully web-based, dynamic event management solution that captures events of various natures such as bookings, appointments, meetings, rostering and scheduling of venues, activities, equipments and facilities. This end to end solution starts from capturing enquiries, prospects and customers details to planning and scheduling participants and bookings to accepting payments and generating invoices. Event Magnet produces 360 degree reports for senior management to drive and improve business and allows administrators to produce dynamic, ad hoc reports.

Event Magnet Suitable Industries

Being a fully customisable platform, Event Magnet has been delivered to suit a variety of businesses, such as:

Corporations that host interdepartmental events; events related to its products, services or training programs, events for clients, creates guest list, grouping and seating arrangement, ticket allocation and catering.
Function centres or local government councils that hire out venues and rooms to members and general public.
Event organiser companies that host events on behalf of clients running corporate functions, concerts or exhibitions which may require online registration, attendee payment, catering and billing clients.
Government agencies, not-for-profit organisations and private companies that run public awareness events and manage attendee registration, sessions, services, equipments and suppliers.
Galleries, museums, parks and exhibition centres that run shows and events throughout the year either on set dates or on special arrangements.
Tourism companies that host tourists from different states and countries of different age groups, genders, areas of interest and schedules tours, staff, mini buses, meals and equipment accordingly.
Sport and recreation centres that take bookings from clubs and organisations who wish to participate in various activities. The system takes care of grouping, planning, staff rostering, meals and sporting equipment.
Hotels that host parties and seminars for corporations at different venues in different building blocks, requiring grouping, seating plans, group leaders, keynote speakers, audio/video equipment and catering.
Training organisation that have several trainers, certification rules, qualification constraints, courses, students, training prerequisites, training centres, course materials and scheduling timeslots.
Service delivery businesses that provide different types of service for different customers and create daily work-order ( or run-sheet) on each morning for each crew/driver, as well as generate activity calendar for all upcoming services/deliveries.
and more...

Event Magnet Key Features

Contact and Client Management: Event Magnet captures client data in a single repository. Centralised client data helps automate client interaction and business processes across all divisions.
Enquiry Management: Event Magnet’s enquiry module allows users to store booking enquiries, including sales and marketing information, from the very beginning of the booking enquiry, to the tentative booking phase, and to the conversion into an actual booking.
Event Calendar: Event Magnet’s calendars and timelines provide an instant graphic overview of the planning, booking and scheduling of venues, activities, equipment and staff availability.
Venues: Event Magnet allows a central administrator to create different venues and centres, departments, floors and zones, venue facilities, operators and staff members within the system.
Catering: Event Magnet offers comprehensive catering options including, menu and meal creation, combination meal, pricing, as well as supplier and catering advice.
Accommodation: Whether your accommodation service consists of beds, rooms, cabins, buildings or dormitories, Event Magnet will allow you to create various styles of accommodation and allocate individuals, groups, or the whole team accordingly.
Workflow Management: Event Magnet workflow management is customisable to coordinate all aspects of facilities, activities, equipment, meals and labour, including inventory availability, resource allocation, and invoicing for both in-house and vendor-supplied resources.
Billing and Payment: Event Magnet generates comprehensive line item invoices and allows customised client billing for each event. Invoicing also tracks multiple payments and adjusts totals automatically. It allows various payment methods such as online credit card transaction, direct debit, cheque or even cash.
Email Marketing: Event Magnet comes with state of the art email technology for you to reach out to potential customers, and also to stay in touch with current or recent customers. You can create rich customised email templates to match your organisation’s branding and save time for future use.
Email Notifications: Email reminders can be a powerful tool in keeping track of everything that goes on in booking process. Notify clients of booking activities, progress, timeframe and deadlines, and keep presenters up-to-date on meeting events by sending customised email notices.
Real-time Dashboards: Event Magnet’s AJAX-powered dashboard offers instant snapshots of key performance indicators, such as new booking status, accommodation status, support cases and accounts receivable.
Reporting: Event Magnet enables managers to view reporting data in an ‘at-a-glance’ form. Using report snapshots and graphs, they can identify key metrics, such as gross sales, top-selling products, top performing venues and teams, high-revenue customers and more.
Forecasting: Event Magnet provides managers a comprehensive tool to manage subordinates’ forecasts. Upon forecast submission, managers can ensure accuracy and reliability by following the company’s best forecast business process, either out of the box, or via customisable business rules.
Surveys: Event Magnet’s survey module offers you all the tools you need to create and send professional looking surveys, and generates attractive customer satisfaction reports.
Document Management: Event Magnet’s document management feature allows you to store your business documents centrally or organise and align documents by client, enquiry and/or event.
Appearance Themes: Event Magnet has many custom appearance themes to choose from. The themes, all built by professional designers, allow you to change the look of your tabs and buttons.
Security and Permission: Event Magnet’s permission module allows granular user/group access to individual functions and individual operations.

Event Magnet Key Benefits

Built on a flexible development framework containing over two hundred features.
Features can be picked on an ‘as–needed’ basis, then customised to suit your specific business needs.
Unlike packaged solutions, you are not burdened with any function, field or look that you don’t desire.
Developed in-house by Australian owned company IT Magnet, which has a track record of eleven years in customised software development.
Delivered rapidly, within four to twelve weeks, depending on the amount of customisation required.
360 degree graphic and textual reporting facilities covering usage, performance and financials.
Easy third party integration with financial, customer relationship and other software.
Attractive look and feel and tab driven intuitive user interface.
Built on the latest and most scalable Microsoft technologies.
Highly secured system using Microsoft recommended security measures.
Layers of permission privileges to various users across the enterprise.
IT Magnet’s round-the-clock helpdesk and technical support.