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Custom Software Development

We provide full-stack custom software development on any platform, online, desktop, or mobile, at any scale.


Information is power.
Let us empower you, your way.

At IT Magnet, we are the perfect destination for entrepreneurs seeking to turn their dreams into reality by building a software product, or organisations aiming to achieve dream growth through automated operations.

As a leading software development company specialising in workflow and business process automation since 2003, we deliver mission-critical, custom-made systems to organisations of all scales, from local small businesses to global corporations and government entities.

Recognising the complexities of modern business operations, we dedicate ourselves to understanding and analysing your unique requirements diligently. Our approach involves early and comprehensive engagement, refining your needs at each stage, simplifying the often-challenging journey of bespoke development.

Our team not only brings expertise but also provides honest and practical advice to help you identify the most effective solutions to your problems. At IT Magnet, we ignite growth and unlock possibilities for your success.


You are in charge of budget and timeframe.

During the consultation and requirement elicitation process, we empower you with various ways to achieve each feature's purpose. You have the freedom to decide whether to proceed with a feature and choose an option that fits your budget.

Additionally, you can opt to break down overall requirements into phases, starting with the minimum viable product (MVP) and building on it later.

Furthermore, we offer consultancy on claiming R&D Tax incentives, providing you with a valuable advantage in leveraging financial benefits from research and development efforts. Eligible R&D projects can potentially earn back between 8.5% and 43.5% of your expenses with us.

We prioritise transparency and flexibility to ensure your project aligns with your vision and financial goals.


Robust Database Design. Robust Workflow. Robust Reports.

Collecting and entering your business data is only half the job. Our expert database designers will structure all your business data to enable business rules and complex workflows to be developed. And that’s without compromising database integrity, usability, security and performance.
The job is not complete until your database system enables you to view, create, share, analyse and customise in-depth business reports instantly. Our team of highly qualified database designers ensure this outcome for you.


Create from scratch or embrace simplicity with low-code/no-code!

With our extensive expertise in the software development domain, we take the time to understand your specific requirements and offer you the right advice. Depending on your project's complexity, we may recommend a full development from scratch to eliminate dependencies and third-party licensing costs.

However, when it suits your project, we also suggest leveraging a range of readily-available third-party tools and software, like Microsoft Power Platform and Form Automation. These low-code/no-code solutions allow us to expedite the process, saving you time and cost without compromising on quality.

Our approach is all about flexibility and transparency, ensuring your benefits are at the forefront of every decision we make. Let us craft a customised software solution that fits your unique vision and budget.

/ Custom built Database

We specialise in building bespoke database systems with just the features and functions you specifically require.

/ Upgrade

Already have an established database and require an upgrade and enhancements? We’re experts in managing the transition.

/ Product Development

If you’re an entrepreneur or an organisation looking to build a commercial product to sell in the market, talk to us.

/ Off the Shelf

Have an off the shelf product you want to implement, customise and enhance? We can help.

/ Data Integration

Save double effort and seamlessly integrate different systems in your organisation or with third party organisations.

/ Business Intelligence

We empower organisations with custom-made advanced reports or by utilising BI tools, such as Power BI, Cognos, SAS and more.

/ Accounts Integration

Exchange accounts information between your database and accounting package, such as MYOB, Xero, SAP, Dynamics and more.

/ Data Migration

We are experts in analysing data, restructuring it and migrating into your destination system. Talk to us.

Our Clients

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