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Data Science & AI

Harness the power of data with our cutting-edge data analysis and visualisation solutions, leveraging BI and AI tools, tailored to your unique business needs.

Transforming Data into Decision and Action: Your Competitive Edge.

Data is a mountain of potential waiting to be explored. At IT Magnet, we specialise in data aggregation, cleansing, and modelling, using scientific methods to refine your data continuously. We harness the capabilities of Microsoft Azure's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services for even deeper insights.

Our advanced analytics systems unveil the hidden connections between sales, clients, and research data. With us, freedom means gaining so much more - sustainable infrastructure built around AI and BI solutions, integrated data warehouses, and ETL pipelines for seamless data retrieval, processing, and storing.

Experience the future with our AI-powered Business Intelligence solution, empowering marketing, operations, sales, HR departments, and more. We don't just plug in AI technology; our AI readiness check ensures it's a beneficial step for your organisation. If AI isn't the right fit, we pivot towards custom automation or Microsoft 365 solutions.

Managing complex data becomes effortless with IT Magnet. Let us clean and visualise your data using tools like Power BI, turning bottlenecks into actionable insights. We provide a unified and secure data platform with Microsoft Fabric and Microsoft Purview.

From vision and speech recognition to Natural Language Processing and Robotic Process Automation, we tackle diverse challenges with advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) - delivering responsible and robust AI solutions.

Trust IT Magnet for data-driven success and cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to your unique needs and industry specialties.

/ BI Portals

Tool that gives users a single, consolidated interface to locate and interact with all reporting assets in the organisation.

/ Dashboarding

Dashboards with lively visualisations encourage the user to explore their data and discover valuable insights at the click of a button.

/ Modern Data Platforms

Cloud technology platforms allow you to maintain and access your data faster, and more cost effectively.

/ Machine Learning

Advanced analytics are here today, and they can help drive your business through the 21st century

/ Complex Modelling

We have extensive experience in modelling, assuring, and correcting complex pricing, payroll and regulatory models.

/ Data & Analytics Strategy

Evidence-based decisions are the way of the future. Safety in numbers is guaranteed when you know the numbers.

All Aspects of Data Science.

What Goals Do You Want to Reach with Data Science?

Enhance operational and supply chain performance by refining deviation detection, demand forecasting, inventory and crew management, ensuring high product quality with fewer disruptions.

Continuously monitor equipment to identify and report early signs of potential failures.

Aanalyse customer behaviour for tailored services and product recommendations, while utilising predictive AI models to proactively identify and mitigate potential customer churn, effectively enhancing retention strategies.

Use advanced scoring models for leads and opportunities, along with proactive alerts for customer sentiment, to optimise the sales process.

Utilise natural language processing to query your business data through conversational prompts, receiving instant responses in a human-readable format.

Implement a prompt-driven, AI-powered knowledge base to provide immediate, accurate responses to both customers and staff, enhancing user experiences and boosting productivity while the organisation also learns from interactions.

Forecast earnings and assess financial risks and opportunities, including creditworthiness, market conditions, and operational strengths, to guide strategic financial decisions.

Leverage data to pinpoint at-risk patients and enable customised treatment plans, predicting potential symptom progression.

Reduce human errors with automated image processing for tasks like visual inspections and facial or emotion recognition.

Implement machine vision and speech recognition technologies to minimise errors in visual and auditory processing tasks.

Utilise machine learning to optimise delivery routes using a blend of real-time and historical data analysis, tailored to your business's specific parameters, rules, and restrictions.

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