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Custom Software Development

We provide full-stack custom software development on any platform, online, desktop, or mobile, at any scale.

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    Maximise Efficiency with Data Science and AI Consulting

    Unlock the potential of your data with our comprehensive data science and AI consulting services. We guide you through what can be achieved, leveraging our two decades of software development experience to build complete solutions beyond standard data science and AI technologies.

    Our team excels at creating predictive models, developing prescriptive solutions, and crafting detailed visualisations and dashboards to transform complex data into actionable insights. We specialise in data consolidation, systematically gathering, cleansing, integrating, and warehousing data to support AI-powered decision-making.

    Enhance your operations with AI-driven chatbots and robotic process automation systems designed to boost productivity and precision.

    We build in phases, starting with a proof of concept, progressing to a minimum viable product, and ultimately delivering a full solution tailored to your needs.

    /Data Science Consulting

    Strategic insights and detailed reports to optimise your business data using AI and data science.

    / Implement Machine Learning

    Use machine learning to develop predictive models, prescriptive solutions, and deepen descriptive insights.

    /Data Consolidation

    Systematically gather, cleanse, integrate, and warehouse data to enhance AI-powered decision-making support.

    / Visualisation & Dashboard

    Simplify complex data with graphical representations for quicker, informed decisions using tools like Power BI.

    /AI-Driven Chatbot

    Deploy intelligent chatbots powered by natural language processing for real-time, context-aware support.

    / Automation & Robotics

    Implement robotic process automation and intelligent systems to boost productivity and enhance precision.

    Our Technologies

    Why believe in us

    Successfully delivered hundreds of projects in two decades.

    Served entrepreneurs, small and large businesses, and governments.

    Australian based local resources, and diverse portfolio.

    Agile approach, incremental development and continuous feedback.

    Approved supplier for Digital Transformation and state government

    Trusted by Australian Defence Force.

    Customers remain loyal for many years.

    Recoup part of your investment with us through the R&D tax incentive

    What Goals Do You Want to Reach with Data Science?

    Enhance operational and supply chain performance by refining deviation detection, demand forecasting, inventory and crew management, ensuring high product quality with fewer disruptions.

    Continuously monitor equipment to identify and report early signs of potential failures.

    Aanalyse customer behaviour for tailored services and product recommendations, while utilising predictive AI models to proactively identify and mitigate potential customer churn, effectively enhancing retention strategies.

    Use advanced scoring models for leads and opportunities, along with proactive alerts for customer sentiment, to optimise the sales process.

    Utilise natural language processing to query your business data through conversational prompts, receiving instant responses in a human-readable format.

    Implement a prompt-driven, AI-powered knowledge base to provide immediate, accurate responses to both customers and staff, enhancing user experiences and boosting productivity while the organisation also learns from interactions.

    Forecast earnings and assess financial risks and opportunities, including creditworthiness, market conditions, and operational strengths, to guide strategic financial decisions.

    Leverage data to pinpoint at-risk patients and enable customised treatment plans, predicting potential symptom progression.

    Reduce human errors with automated image processing for tasks like visual inspections and facial or emotion recognition.

    Implement machine vision and speech recognition technologies to minimise errors in visual and auditory processing tasks.

    Utilise machine learning to optimise delivery routes using a blend of real-time and historical data analysis, tailored to your business's specific parameters, rules, and restrictions.

    Our Clients

    Inquire Now to Discover

    Our Clients

    Inquire Now to Discover

    What they say

    IT Magnet has delivered innovative, pioneering solutions by leveraging a variety of cutting-edge technologies, The team is friendly, challange-seeking and one of our most trusted technology partners.

    Anthony Bolack, National IT Manager, Onsite Rental Group

    Anthony Bolack, National IT Manager, Onsite Rental Group

    The product developed by IT Magnet has propelled us to leadership in online assesment and recommendation for employees' engonomic risks, now widely adopted my numerous large corporations and government

    John Rutherford, General Manager, Ergoworks Consulting

    John Rutherford, General Manager, Ergoworks Consulting

    IT Magnet worked closely with our team to develop and deliver a one-stop-shop solution, accessible via App or web-platform, that is completely cnfigurable for our challanging needs

    Adrian Black, Managing Director, Black Line Group

    Adrian Black, Managing Director, Black Line Group

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