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Microsoft 365 & Cloud

We have extensive experience in the architecture and implementation of cloud based solutions nationwide.

Empowering innovation with Microsoft 365 and cloud development.

At IT Magnet, we lead the way in Microsoft 365, cloud design and development solutions, and Dynamics 365 services.

Microsoft 365's strength extends beyond standard features. Our custom development expertise allows us to write enhanced code, unlocking the full potential of 365 tools. This approach creates advanced productivity applications and automates complex workflows, saving time and costs.

We provide honest and practical advice, guiding you towards efficient and cost-effective solutions. By leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform, we deliver equivalent results at a lower cost, streamlining workflow automation and business process management.

Our expertise spans various Microsoft 365 solutions, from deploying and managing Dynamics 365 to ensuring security and compliance, utilising Power BI for data visualisation, and implementing Microsoft Fabric for a unified data platform. We drive digital innovation for national, global corporations, and governments.

/ Cloud-Native and Serverless

We are experts in cloud-native and serverless solutions with Azure. We provide leading architectural approaches to building highly-reliable cloud-native applications on Microsoft Azure for mission-critical workloads.

/ App Migration and Modernisation

Application Modernisation unlocks more advanced cloud capabilities such as increased business agility, global scale and improved resiliency of applications and services.

/ DevOps and DevSecOps

At our core XAM are software engineers and we have extensive understanding of DevOps. We can design, build, integrate and maintain your DevOps and DevSecOps pipelines.

/Custom Software and Cloud Software Development

We are not your ordinary software developers or IT Admins, we are elite enterprise engineers who build cloud native. We build leading-edge architectures that supports fast reactions to new business conditions.

/ Design-Led Solutions

Uncovering the right problems to solve is at the heart of great UX and UI design. So, before writing any code, we’ll help you to implement cutting-edge discovery tools and methodologies to easily identify your end users’ true problems and desires.

/ Systems Integration

We help leading organisations seamlessly integrate apps, data and processes. Building new, integrated solutions that connect apps and services on premises and in the cloud.

Driving success with Microsoft 365 & custom code.

Our mission is to unlock your business's full potential through expert Microsoft 365 deployment, management, and consultation. With tailored solutions encompassing Collaboration, Security, Business Intelligence, Process Automation, and Dynamics 365 Management, we ensure your unique enterprise needs are met.

While we leverage 365 tools for productivity and workflow automation, our core custom development services enable us to go beyond standard applications. By creating bespoke solutions, we address your specific business needs and ambitions.

Our offerings seamlessly integrate M365 applications, fostering collaboration and efficiency in your operations. Microsoft-certified consultants provide steadfast guidance, ensuring a seamless digital transition from implementation to ongoing support.

We have mastered Microsoft Azure.

Do you have your own applications that run from a cloud location or do you plan on building one? Are you considering Active Directory integration? Are you weighing up the pros and cons of Virtual Machines vs Platform as a Service? We have been through that all. With the right design upfront, you will save money and your application will run fast.

If your business deals with large volume of data, you need an expert who has had experience with technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Search Services and so on. Talk to us, and we will guide you through every option, so you are in the driving seat and you are in the pole position.

We have mastered Microsoft Azure, and we can deal with any other cloud providers including AWS.

Crafting cloud brilliance through our proven strategy & design.

In the ever-expanding cloud landscape, IT Magnet stands as a pioneer, excelling in Microsoft Azure and various cloud providers, including AWS. We have designed and implemented nationwide solutions, guiding clients to join the cloud revolution as early adopters. Our expertise goes beyond moving data to the cloud; we design, implement, upgrade, and manage your cloud solutions, ensuring cost-effectiveness and impeccable data security.

Whether you seek Active Directory integration, weigh Virtual Machines against Platform as a Service, or explore technologies like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, we've been through it all. With our upfront design expertise, you'll save money, run applications faster, and stay in control.

With Agile Cloud Engineering, you gain smart planning, rapid deployment, and measured resource use for operational excellence. From assessing workloads for migration to implementing DevSecOps and CI/CD pipelines, our outcome-focused consulting services cover the full technology lifecycle.

All Aspects of Cloud Services.

Our Clients

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